1. How can I register online for becoming a Bank Mitra?

You can visit the our official website, cspbankmitra.org and can fill in the simple application form with your basic details.

2. How does CSP Bank Mitra help unemployed people?

CSP Bank Mitra offers a lucrative earning opportunity not only to job seekers but also to firms and organizations to work as a Business Correspondent to all leading banks in India. They can earn a substantial income through basic pay as well as through handsome commissions for rendering various banking services to the public.

3. Are there any criteria to become a Bank Mitra?

Yes, you need to attain the age of 18 years and should have completed your 10th standard successfully.

4. Do I need computer knowledge to work as a service provider of a bank?

Although not obligatory, it is better to have some fundamental knowledge about computers. This will enable you to do your job easily, quickly, and efficiently.

5. Where should I open my office to become a Bank Mitra?

You are supposed to run your office in urban and village areas, where there no bank branches or people have no access to banking services.

6. Why should I open my office in villages?

Most Indian villages have no banks, so you will get an opportunity to cater to the banking needs of the villagers. Moreover, you will be capable of earning a substantial income for offering your services. Thus, you will be capable of improving your bottom line easily and effectively by working as a service provider of CSP Bank Mitra.

7. In what other ways can I be benefitted through CSP Bank Mitra?

Although there are several benefits, the notable one is that you will get an opportunity to work with different leading banks of India as a CSP Bank Mitra.

8. What is the benefit of becoming a kiosk service provider?

As a kiosk service provider of CSP Bank Mitra, you will be capable of transforming your shop or office into a mini bank. You can offer a variety of user-friendly banking services in real time. You will also get an opportunity to work as a Business Correspondent to many renowned and well-established banks in India.

9. What documents should I submit to become a Bank Mitra?
  • Application form
  • PAN Card
  • Two passport size photos
  • Address or the License of your shop or office
  • Scan copy of payment proof
  • Class – 3 Form or the digital signature certificate
  • Electricity Bill, Voting Card, Telephone Bill, Ration Card, or Passport for your address proof
10. What benefits does Bank Mitra Service BC offer to its customers?

Some of the notable benefits include:

  • No Frill Accounts through the KIOSK Banking Model
  • Term Deposit
  • Kisan Credit Card
  • Regular Savings Bank Account in banks
  • Stress-free opening of savings bank accounts
  • Loans against TDR or Term Deposit Receipt
  • No Queues
  • Fewer KYC documents
  • No Travel costs
  • Easy withdrawals and money remittances
  • Easy opening of recurring deposit and fixed deposit accounts

Above all, people deposit and transfer their amount to any bank account easily and quickly at any time. Moreover, they can credit Scholarships, Transfer Subsidies, and other benefits to the account directly.

11. What kind of bank transactions can customers carry on?

They can perform no-frills accounts, meaning they do not need to maintain a minimum balance in their account. They will not be charged for their bank transactions, as well. They can maintain as much as Rs 50000 in their bank account.

12. How much transaction amount can customers do?

They can do transactions with the maximum of Rs10, 000 per day. Above all, all bank transactions will be done through an electronic thumb impression, meaning no signature of the applicant is required to perform transactions.